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Personal Training


Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight and get toned?  It’s ok, we’ve all struggled with our goals.  Sometimes you need a little guidance, and that’s where Mandy comes in.  Give her a call to find out how she can create a program specifically designed for your needs and your goals.



80% of weight loss is what you put in your mouth, or choose not to put in your mouth.  Click here to learn how Mandy can help get you on the right track with your eating habits. Learn the yummiest recipes and shopping insights for a healthier you.


Virtual Training

virtual training

Not in the South Bay area, but still want to train with Mandy?  Live in the South Bay, but want to get a head start on your own?  No problem…  Click here to see how you can get connected with Mandy through Virtual Training, and do it “with Mandy” in the privacy of your own home.

Fitness Resources


Click here to check out some of the helpful resources that Mandy has found though years of passionate dedication to the Fitness Industry, both for herself and also for her clients.  Why reinvent the wheel, when you can work with an expert?

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I just took out my summer clothes… the shirts are baggy and the pants fell right off. Thank you very much Mandy!

- Connie P, 38

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Who Is Mandy?

Mandy R. Dolan, DC, CPT

Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

I was born and raised in Redding, California and have been involved in Sports, Fitness and Health Care for most of my life. My Dad has always influenced my younger brother and me to eat right, work out, and be active.

I have wanted to be involved in the health care and fitness industries since I was a kid. The human body, and how it moves and functions, has always been fascinating to me. I started out as a personal trainer in 1999, helping people with their weight and nutritional goals.

I felt a need to help these clients in a deeper and more physical sense. So as a Doctor of Chiropractic, not only could I help people become more physically fit and healthy, but I could help them do it with ideal physical alignment.


Credentials and Certifications:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic-Southern California University of Health Sciences 2003
  • National College of Exercise Professionals (NCEP)-Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Pitching Association (NPA)- Certified Functional Fitness Coach
  • Certified group exercise instructor-Yoga, Aerobics, Cycling, Resistance Ball, BOSU

Instruction and Teaching:

  • Chiropractic Techniques-Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar, Soft Tissue Therapy, Palpation, Physical Therapy, Nutrition
  • Circuit Classes and group exercise
  • Personal Training Certification Course
  • Advanced Biomechanics-Exercise Therapist-NCEP


  • Chiropractic and Muscle Therapies Techniques-including PIR, MRT, AIS, Cross Friction
  • Weight loss and nutritional counseling
  • General health and fitness training
  • Balance and core training
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation and training
  • Post-injury rehabilitation and training
  • Pitching/throwing sport training and conditioning
  • Golf swing strengthening and conditioning

Giving Back:

I have participated in the following events for many years, treating participants:

  • AVON Breast Cancer Walk
  • AIDS LifeCycle
  • MS Swim For A Cure



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